one hand dryer

ffuuss one hand dryer white - SPL washrooms
ffuuss one hand dryer white - SPL washrooms
ffuuss one hand dryer black - SPL washrooms
ffuuss one hand dryer black - SPL washrooms
ffuuss one hand dryer pearl grey - SPL washrooms
ffuuss one hand dryer grey - SPL washrooms
ffuuss one hand dryer gold - SPL washrooms
ffuuss one hand dryer gold - SPL washrooms

Airhug technology meets contemporary design

  • High Speed
    Airflow of 73 L/s enveloping hands creates drying efficiency

  • Quiet
    Very quiet at 70dBA at distance of 1.5m

  • HEPA Filter
    Hygienic HEPA Filter with antibacterial additives to remove 99.97% of bacteria

ffuuss one hand dryer

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  • Air Hug Technology®

    The distribution of the air outlets offers an authentic ‘air hugs’ experience. The outlet design ensures the air covers as much of the hands as possible, and with the different sized outlets noise is minimised. The side outlets produce a ‘curtain effect’ preventing water spraying out of the drying chamber

  • Highest Hygiene Standards

    Equipped with high quality H13 HEPA filters that catch 99% of viruses and bacteria. It is especially relevant in food handling and hospital environments where high standards of disinfection are required. The Biomaster antibacterial coating inhibits bacteria growth. Water collection tray eliminates water drips on the floor and laser diagnostics reflect a red laser dot onto the floor to indicate when the water tray requires emptying

  • Annual Run Cost - $14.30

    (vs paper towels per annum $920.45)

    *Calculated at kW/h rate of $0.32, for an office of 15 people (3x toilet stops = 45 dries per day) operating 250 days a year - versus a paper towel rate of 3 towels per dry at $90 per carton + $15 service fee to order, restock and dispose


Ice White



Matte Black



Pearl Grey






ABS – Treated with Biomaster Silver Ions antibacterial additive

Universal with preheat, 23,000 RPM


Nil, fitted with preheat

220-240V, 50/60Hz, IPX2

HEPA H13 – treatment with antibacterial additives

Activation with capacitive sensor

Max. airflow
70 L/s

322W x 635H x 250D mm

9.2 kg

The Supreme Comprehensive Hand Dryer Warranty – 36 Month Limited Warranty

Complies with New Zealand and Australian standards

  • Dry Time

    13-15 seconds

  • Contemporary Design

    Stunning colours and finish

  • Hygienic Features

    H13 HEPA filter and water collection tray

  • Related Projects

    APL – Cambridge

    O’Connell’s Pavilion – Queenstown

    Kiwirail – Waltham 

    Fisher and Paykel Healthcare – Auckland 

    Gibbston Valley Wines

    Strata Lounge – Auckland Airport

    New Zealand Police Headquarters

  • Suggested Applications

    Designer washrooms, restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings, office buildings, airports, tourist attractions


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ffuuss gen 1 HEPA Filter

Product Code: SFF-FILTER

ffuuss gen 2 HEPA Filter

Product Code: SFF-FILTER 2