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Expert Help

At SPL, we know washrooms. As manufacturing and design specialists for over 20 years, we have built an extensive knowledge base for hand dryers, tapware and other ancillary washroom fixtures.

Our professional team is available to advise you in selecting the best product to meet the specific needs of your facility. Although each model has similar features, certain situations may make one model more beneficial than another. For personalised advice and information, contact our team for no-obligation support.

Technical Support

We take pride in offering comprehensive technical support to ensure you get the most out of our products. Our dedicated team has worked hard to create clear and easy-to-follow documentation, including troubleshooting guides for every product.

Additionally, if you need further assistance, our technical support team is available via phone to provide expert guidance and help resolve any issues. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Customer Service

Our customer service professionals are here to ensure you have the best experience. Knowledgeable and friendly, our team is available to provide information to help you select the correct product for your project and answer any questions you may have. Their prompt and polite service ensures you can focus on your project with confidence, knowing you have selected washroom technology that aligns with your criteria and requirements.


Much to the surprise of many, our small Cambridge-based factory manufactures and / or assembles a large portion of our products.

All imported products are shipped to our warehouse, where they are reviewed to ensure they meet our strict quality control measures before being placed onto the shelf.


At SPL we aim for prompt and efficient delivery.

Our aim is to respond to your order promptly with a quick turnaround and fast delivery, our service is unbeatable. Standard orders are dispatched within the same day as receipted.

All our products are well packaged and wrapped securely for transit to ensure they arrive at their destination in immaculate condition.

Guarantees & Warranties

Your product is fully guaranteed against defective materials and faulty workmanship commencing from the date of sale (according to SPL’s records), subject to it being installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

SPL (2021) Limited warrants that should any ‘part’ fail within the specified/ relevant warranty period it will be remedied by SPL. The product should be returned to SPL (2021) Limited for all warranty claims. The cost of cartage will be payable by the customer.

This warranty excludes:

  • Incorrect installation, or installation that does not specifically follow the installation guidelines supplied.
  • Failure to follow manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.
  • Damage/Failure resulting from:
    • the use of non-authorised parts
    • authorised parts not installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
    • accidental damage, negligent use, misuse, vandalism, neglect
    • damage caused either directly or indirectly by external sources – power outages, power surges, incorrect power supply, natural disaster, or insect infestation
    • water ingress caused by property maintenance or flooding
    • negligent cleaning practices (water ingress, harmful chemical etc)

The above includes consequential damage to any other goods, furnishings, or property.

  • Normal wear and tear and consumable parts (HEPA filters, UV C Lamps, fuses, motor brushes, batteries etc).
  • This warranty does not displace any statutory warranty in relation to the product but any liability of SPL (2021) Limited under any statutory warranty will be limited to a replacement or repair of the product or payment of the cost of such replacement or repair at the sole discretion of SPL (2021) Limited.

Note: Our Warranty only extends to products purchased and installed in New Zealand.

Repairs, parts and servicing

Due to our manufacturing nature, we understand the need for quick and easy servicing and repair. Because of this, we stock a full selection of replacement parts for our products.

Should your product experience performance issues or a breakdown, you have options.

Firstly, if the dryer is within its warranty period, contact our customer services team here at SPL for Goods Return Authorisation form. Our Technicians are familiar with our products and are able to efficiently repair the dryer, getting it back to work faster.

Alternatively your own local electrician may be able to repair the item for you. Our experienced Technical Support Team is on standby to answer any questions they may have during the process. If they do not wish to repair the item themselves, they can be returned to our factory, where our experts will carry out the repair.


A number of our products require the future purchase of consumables.

HEPA filters must be replaced as per guidelines to ensure the warranty remains valid.

The lifetime of the battery packs for the Supreme Master Flush is generally between 2-4 years, but can depend on frequency of use.

Consumable products can be purchased directly from SPL website.


Should you wish to return an item purchased from SPL (2021 Ltd), firstly please contact our Customer Services Team to discuss this on 0800 787 7363 or (07) 823 5790.

If your return is authorised by our team for one of the reasons outlined below, we will then send you an ‘Goods Return Authorisation’. This form must be sent back to us with the item/s we have authorised for you to return, within 7 working days of purchase and invoice. Please note that there may be a restocking fee applicable.

The item/s for return must be unused, in the original packaging in saleable condition.

The reasons we may authorise item/s for return are:-

  • The item/s has been on backorder and since the original order date, it/they are no longer required by yourselves/ the customer.
  • You have called to discuss your wish to return the item/s within 7 days of purchase of the item/s.
  • The item/s has been supplied incorrectly.
  • The item/s supplied are faulty. We will look to repair the item/s if possible, rather than issue a credit, depending on the circumstances.