Profi Matte

Xibu Profi Matte sensor tap - SPL washrooms

Touch-Free Sensor Tap

  • Hygienic 
    Touch free washing with hygiene flush

  • Water efficient and reliable 
    Eliminates water wastage, water is delivered as and when required

  • Cold or pre-mixed water
    Designed for cold or pre mixed with an option to regulate temperature

  • Product Code: 

    HST412DC (Battery) HST412AC (Mains)

Xibu Profi Matte Sensor Tap

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  • Infrared Automatic Technology

    Intelligent automatic logic system sensor controls the flow, water starts when hands are in active range. Automatic range adjustment

  • European Design and Manufacture

    German design and manufactured - high quality electronics combined with elegant aesthetics

  • Automatic Water Stop Functionality

    Perfect in areas where control of water usage is necessary, a handy setting allowing water to cease supply after 1 minutes of continuous flow


Matte chrome

Water Temperature
For cold or premixed water (thermostatic mixing valve available)

Power Supply
6V DC (Battery) or 230V AC (Mains)

Infrared sensing

Safety Shut Off
1 minute

Active Range
Automatic range adjustment

Recommended Flow Pressure
0.03- 0.8 Mpa (0.3-8 Bar)

Rate of Flow
4.0 L/min


Height 190mm, Depth 165mm, Tap diameter, Hole Ø 35mm, Nosing 130mm, Discharge height 128mm

24 months excludes battery

  • Finish

    Matte Chrome

  • Control

    Infrared sensing

  • Water Temperature

    For cold or premixed water

  • Suggested Applications

    Cafes, bar’s, restaurants, accessible washrooms, schools, single cubicle toilets, retirement villages, universities, shopping centres medical facilities, factories, offices, airports, stadiums, tourist attractions, accommodation providers