Master Flush

Urinal water control unit. Be environmentally friendly with this leading edge water saving technology

Each kit comes complete with sensor, solenoid and battery pack or power pack adapter

  • Sensor operated
    Non touch, passive infrared detects and responds to movement to operate flush

  • Easy set ‘learn function’
    Easy programmable flush process for fast set up

  • Selectable ‘pre flush’ and ‘janitor flush’ to maintain hygiene
    Program your flush cycles to suit system and traffic. Direct feed or cistern, pre flush, janitor flush 6 or 12 hourly

Supreme Master Flush

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  • Retrofit or New Build

    Upgrade to a non-touch, water efficient flush control system that can be retrofitted or install into new builds

  • Made in New Zealand

    Proudly NZ local with parts supply readily available and helpful support team

  • Multi-Feed Option

    Suitable for up to 3 single stall or cistern fed urinals with programmable flush cycles to accommodate all levels of traffic flows


Passive infrared


ABS capped acrylic

9V Alkaline battery pack OR optional 240V AC (9V DC regulated power pack)

Printed Board
Micro chip

Solenoid Valve
9V DC latching, 0.3-10 bar pressure (30 – 1000 KPA), ballofix valves, 15mm male connections

Flushing Cycle
Set via learn function, plus pre flush and 6 or 12 hour janitor flush options

Delay Before Flush
25 sec, 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, or 15min

130mm SQ x 43mm D

12 months (excludes battery)

Product Code
AWS300 (Battery) AWS300A (Mains)

  • Sensor

    Passive infrared

  • Power

    9V battery or 220-240V AC

  • Flushing Cycle

    Set via learn button plus pre flush and 6 or 12 hour janitor flush options

  • Suggested Applications

    Any cistern or direct feed urinal (new build or retrofit) in schools, public toilets, sports clubs, factories, offices


Replacement Parts

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Supreme Master Flush Battery Pack

Product Code: AWS111

Master Flush Parts / Troubleshooting