Master Flush Parts / Troubleshooting

Parts identification for Supreme Master Flush urinal water controller: Models AWS300, AWS200, AWS102

  • The Supreme Master Flush is now a 3rd generation product. Spare parts are available for all 3 generations, but it can be tough to identify what part is required. Here are some tips: 

    • The electronics inside the AWS300 model were upgraded in 2019 but parts used look (almost) identical.
    • Post 2019 = V6 version
    • Pre 2019 = V9 version
    • Note stickers on PCB sensor, look for “VLS6” to confirm V6 version
    • Locate LED location on solenoid, this is unique for V6 or V9 versions

Master Flush Parts / Troubleshooting

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Symptom Possible Issue / Fix Remedy
Sensor unit is making a chirping sound a. Battery voltage dropped
b. Mains power failed
a. Replace battery (AWS111) click here
b. Ensure power supply at source
Sensor unit not detecting occupants a. Battery flat or power outage at source
b. Plugs not connected correctly and or corrosion present (including PCB)
c. Lens slot in sensor blocked / dirty
d. Heat sources present in detection zone? (heat emitting lights, pipes etc)
e. Sensor positioned correctly?
f. Faulty sensor unit
a. Replace battery or ensure mains power supply at source
b. Unplug and work all terminals. Clean with isopropyl alcohol
c. Clean with soft cloth
d. Relocate sensor away from heat sources – see page 6
e. Reposition sensor – see page 6
f. Replace sensor PCB
Solenoid valve not opening and or closing a. Battery voltage has dropped or mains power failed
b. Sensor not activating?
c. Check cable from PCB. Has it extended?
d. Installed in correct orientation?
e. Debris present / blockage
f. Water pressure too high
g. Water hammering present?
h. Faulty solenoid
a. Check power source & all connections
b. Check sensor position as above
c. Ensure polarity is correct. We can provide cable extensions
d. Water inlet / outlet as per arrows
e. Clean solenoid filter
f. Check water pressure & install flow restrictor if necessary
g. Install hammer arrestor
h. Replace solenoid valve
Water is trickling / dribbling when solenoid valve is open a. Solenoid diaphragm split
b. Debris present / blockage
c. Water pressure adequate?
a. Replace diaphragm or solenoid
b. Clean all filters including solenoid filter
c. Ensure adequate water pressure
Water is running for too short or too long a. Water pressure / flow change
b. Debris limiting flow
a. Refresh learn time – refer to page 8
b. Clean filters on all valves
Cistern under or over fills a. Water pressure change
b. Debris limiting flow
a. Refresh learn time – refer to page 8
b. Clean filters on all valves

Identifying parts
for model AWS300

Pre 2019 = Version V9 | Post 2019 = Version V6

AWS300 sensor PCB -
version V9

Part number: AWS500VLS9

AWS300 sensor PCB -
version V6

Part number: AWS500VLS6

PCB in

Part number: AWS304DV9 or AWS304DV6

AWS300 solenoid only -
version V9

Part number: AWS305AV9

AWS300 solenoid only -
version V6

Part number: AWS305AV6

Complete solenoid

Part number: AWS305V9 or AWS305V6

AWS102 -

V9 version of PCB compatible

AWS102 -

Replacement PCB only part number: AWS500VLS9

AWS200 -

V9 version of PCB compatible

AWS200 -

Replacement PCB only part number: AWS500VLS9

AWS102 & AWS200 -
Replacement solenoid

Part number: AWS105A

Spare Parts

These parts are not available for purchase online.

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