Toilet Flush Control

Sanela Toilet Infrared Flush Control
Sanela Toilet Infrared Flush Control

Automatic toilet flushing unit. Be environmentally friendly with this leading-edge water saving technology and create a more hygienic bathroom environment.

Wall mounted toilet infra-red flushing unit.

  • Touchless flush control 
    System reacts to the user attendance in front of the toilet at a maximum distance of 0.75m, minimum stay time in active range is 7.5 secs. Water flows after the user leaves active range

  • Hygienic and controls odour 
    Keeps toilets fresh without the need for human intervention. Automatic hygiene flush after each 8 uses of toilet and after 24 hours of non-use

  • Adjustable flushing time 
    0.5 – 15.5 secs also possible to regulate water value with ball valve

Sanela Toilet Flush Control

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  • Courtesy flush

    Water only flows after the user leaves active range

  • Adjustable parameters via remote

    Active range; Flush delay; Janitor flush

  • European design and manufacture

    Long standing European manufacturer - high quality electronics combined with elegant aesthetics


Power Supply
Mains 230V AC, 50 Hz (input) – 24V (output)

Wall mounted above the toilet

Flushing Type
For direct pressured water (not a toilet with tank)

Infra-red sensor

Stainless Steel Cover Dimension 
170 x 170 x 10mm

Mounting Box Dimension 
145 x 155 x 100mm

Operating voltage
24V DC, 7W

Active Range
0.6 – 0.75 m – system reacts to user attendance in active range (0.7m) for min stay time of 7.5 – 7.75secs

Flush Cycles
Short Flush: (2s) min stay time 7.75 secs, max 45 secs

Long Flush: (5s) min stay time 45 secs (adjustable long flush 0.5 – 15.5 secs)

Manual Flush: (cleaning)

Hygiene Flush: 24hrs after last use

Recommended Flow Pressure
0.15 – 0.6 Mpa (1.5-6 Bar)

Rate of flow
70 L/min. by the pressure 0.15 MPa (inf. Data)

Water Inlet
Ø min 32mm (PN 16) Male thread G 1″

Water Outlet
Male thread G 1″

24 months

Product Code

  • Location

    Wall mounted above the toilet (Stainless steel cover enables access to service valves)

  • Control

    Infrared sensor

  • Active Range


  • Suggested Applications

    Public bathroom – shopping malls, hotels, airports, stadiums, public toilets, tourist operations, offices