Spartan Piezo

Sanela Spartan piezo soft touch tap - SPL washrooms

Soft touch Piezo activation tapware for cold or pre-mixed water

  • Vandal resistant 
    Heavy duty construction and tap activation via soft touch Piezo

  • Water efficient and reliable 
    Eliminates water wastage, water is delivered as and when required

  • Cold or pre-mixed water
    Designed for cold or pre mixed with an option to regulate temperature

  • Product Code: 

    SST91ACP (Mains)

Sanela Spartan Piezo Tap

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  • Stainless steel

    Entire tap body is contructed of robust and hygenic stainless steel with discrete electromagnetic valve (solenoid) is hidden within the body of the facet

  • Soft touch Piezo activation

    Water flows after a soft push on the piezo button. Water stops flowing after the desired time (adjustable 2 - 62 seconds, default 10 seconds). Water can be stopped by a follow up soft push of the piezo push

  • European design and manufacture

    Long standing European manufacturer - high quality electronics combined with elegant aesthetics


Stainless steel construction

Water Temperature
For cold or premixed water (thermostatic mixing valve available)

Power Supply
Mains – 230V AC, 50 Hz (input) – 24V (output)

Activation via soft touch Piezo button (10 sec auto shut off)

Operating Voltage
Mains 24V DC, 3W

Active Range
Standard 0.13 – 0.19 m, START/STOP program 0.05 – 0.15 m

Recommended Flow Pressure
0.1 – 0.6 Mpa (1-6 Bar)

Rate of Flow
3.8 L/min (6 L/min or 1.9L/m available on request)

Water Inlet
Male thread G 1/2″

Height 157mm, Depth 140mm, Tap diameter Ø 50mm, Hole Ø 35mm, Nosing 105mm, Discharge height 98mm

24 months

  • Accreditation

    6 Star WELS rating
    (tested in NZ)

  • Control

    Activation via soft touch Piezo button

  • Water Temperature

    For cold or premixed water

  • Suggested Applications

    Public bathrooms, cafes, bar’s, restaurants, accessible washrooms, schools, single cubicle toilets, retirement villages, universities, shopping centres, medical facilities, factories, offices, airports, stadiums, tourist attractions, accommodation providers


Do you require a pre-set water temperature?

We recommend installing the Supreme Duco Thermostatic Mixing Valve. This will ensure a constant flow of water temperature of your choice between 35ºC and 70ºC.

Supreme Duco Thermostatic Mixing Valve