Sanela Husa sensor tap - SPL washrooms

Sensor activated Sanela tapware for cold, hot or pre-mixed water

  • Hygienic 
    Touch free washing with adjustable hygiene flush (interval and duration)

  • Water efficient and reliable 
    Eliminates water wastage, water is delivered as and when required

  • Cold, hot or pre-mixed water
    Designed for cold, hot or pre mixed with an option to regulate temperature

  • Product Code: 

    SST08AC (Mains) SST08DC (Battery)

Sanela Husa Sensor Tap

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  • Suitable for medical facilities

    A non imposing tap with minimal surface area for cleanliness with the added benefit of being able to swivel to cover multiple spaces

  • Infrared automatic technology

    Intelligent automatic logic system sensor controls the flow, water starts when hands are in active range. Adjustable sensing distance and time delay can be set

  • European design and manufacture

    Long standing European manufacturer - high quality electronics combined with elegant aesthetics

  • Automatic water stop functionality

    Perfect in areas where control of water usage is necessary, a handy setting allowing water to cease supply after 5 minutes of continuous flow



Water Temperature
For cold, hot or premixed water (thermostatic mixing valve available)

Power Supply
Mains – 230V AC, 50 Hz (input) – 24V (output)

Battery – 6V (4x AA alkaline batteries) 2 years @ 100 cycles / day

Infrared sensing

Operating Voltage
Mains – 24V DC, 14W, – Battery 6V, 6W

Active Range
Standard 0.2 – 0.26 m, START/STOP program 0.25 – 7.75 seconds

Recommended Flow Pressure
0.1 – 0.6 Mpa (1-6 Bar)

Rate of Flow
6 L/min

Water Inlet
Male thread G 1/2″

Height 346mm, Depth 210mm, Tap Ø 50mm, Hole Ø 35mm, Nosing 190mm, Discharge height 230mm

24 months

  • Accreditation

    6 Star WELS rating
    (tested in NZ)

  • Power Supply

    Mains power or battery options

  • Water Temperature

    For cold, hot or premixed water

  • Suggested Applications

    Cafes, bars, restaurants, accessible washrooms, schools, single cubicle toilets, retirement villages, universities, shopping centres medical facilities, factories, offices, airports, stadiums, tourist attractions, accommodation providers

Do you require a pre-set water temperature?

We recommend installing the Supreme Duco Thermostatic Mixing Valve. This will ensure a constant flow of water temperature of your choice between 35ºC and 70ºC.

Supreme Duco Thermostatic Mixing Valve