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A1 Building: A Sustainable Marvel Redefining Campus Living

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A1, the upcoming focal point for Health Sciences at AUT’s North Campus, is poised to be a transformative force in both architecture and sustainability. The building’s distinctive saw-tooth façade ingeniously blocks direct sunlight from the north and west, while south-facing glazing harnesses dispersed natural light, minimising solar heat gain. This architectural ingenuity is fundamental to the high-performance building envelope, enabling A1 to operate efficiently with minimal cooling needs.

Scheduled for completion in 2024, the A1 Building employs an innovative, low-energy displacement system that plays a pivotal role in achieving the ambitious target of less than²/yr of operational energy usage. This system introduces cool, fresh air at lower levels, allowing it to rise gradually as it warms. The warmed air is then extracted at roof level, effectively lifting heat and pollutants away from occupants. A testament to AUT’s commitment to sustainability, the A1 Building exemplifies how sustainable design principles can create spaces that prioritise both environmental impact and student well-being.

The choice of displacement ventilation, tailored to Auckland’s temperate climate, underlines AUT’s dedication to context-specific solutions. As the University of a Changing World, A1 stands as a symbol of innovation and sustainability, embodying a harmonious blend of architectural brilliance and environmental consciousness. The A1 Building not only redefines the campus landscape but also sets a new standard for responsible and student-centric design in higher education.

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