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Whats the best hand dryer in NZ 2017?
6 September 2017
Whats the best hand dryer in NZ 2017?

Which is the best hand dryer in New Zealand, 2017?

Are you looking for a hand dryer that’s reliable and made to last?

It is important to select a hand dryer that’s equipped for your situation to ensure its longevity. We recommend doing a little homework before choosing the ‘best’ hand dryer for your project. 

SPL’s range of hand dryers are high quality, reliable and well known and trusted in NZ.  We’re so certain of their excellence, we offer a comprehensive warranty on each item and replacement parts are available.    

Looking for something environmentally friendly?

Environmental impact is an important consideration.  With the increasing expectation to reduce our carbon footprint, a high speed/low energy electric hand dryer is the ideal combination.

SPL’s High Speed/Low Energy range gives you options to suit any situation.  If you want a vertical hands-in model, the Supreme Jet Dry Executive II or ffuuss are two excellent dryers that use a maximum of 1100W to dry hands in as little as 10-15 seconds. 

If you want a hands-under style, the Supreme Airforce, Supreme Diamond or Supreme Tornade SD are excellent options, ranging from 300W to 1200W and drying hands in as little as 10-15 seconds.  The difference between these models comes down to their suitability for areas ie. Vandal resistance, high traffic, designer interior etc.  So the ‘best’ hand dryer choice will be depend on your project.

An ‘easy to install’ hand dryer saves you money

We’re sure any Electrician would agree that its ‘best’ if the installation process is as straight forward as possible.  Getting your hand dryers from a trusted NZ company like SPL means your Electrical contractors can call our technical support team for advice during business hours.  Installation Manuals, Cable Entry Diagrams and Technical Data Sheets are available for download directly from our website –

Do quiet yet good performing hand dryers exist?

It’s often believed that a quiet hand dryer can equal poor performance.  But with modern technology there is no need for compromise.  The Supreme MasterAir is a whisper quiet, medium speed hand dryer that dries hands effectively without intrusive noise. 

Another option is to install a Supreme Maxi Wall Shield behind any Supreme hand dryer to help deaden the sound, while also giving the hand dryer a real presence in the washroom (colour options can be made to order).

Are you looking for something that is ‘best’ suited for a school?

We think the ‘best’ option in a school for younger children is a hand dryer from our medium speed range, the Supreme BA101 or Supreme MasterAir.  (A high-speed hand dryer could seem too powerful for younger children.)  Another consideration is that some children can drop their hands out of the sensor range, causing the dryer to stop and start. 

The Supreme BA101 is easy for kids to use due to its unique drying chamber, which guides children’s hands to the correct position.  The Supreme MasterAir has blue light assist; a blue light that shines on your hands to guides hands to the correct position.

For a High School or University, the ‘best’ option is the Supreme Airforce.  It’s a high speed/low energy hand dryer that moves people through the washroom using minimum power consumption.  It has a die cast aluminium cover which is a unique round shape, giving it an extremely high vandal resistance.  It is available in black which can reduce the visibility of graffiti, as well as White, Chrome and Stainless Steel options. 

Need help selecting the ‘best’ hand dryer for your project?

SPL have a team of hand dryer experts who can help you.  Call 0800 78 77 363 or email