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Repairs, Parts & Servicing

Due to our manufacturing nature, we understand the need for quick and easy servicing and repair. Because of this, we stock a full selection of replacement parts for our products.

Should your hand dryer experience performance issues or a breakdown, you have options.

Firstly, if the dryer is within its warranty period, contact our customer services team here at SPL for a recommendation of a local service agent. Our service agents are familiar with our products and are able to efficiently repair the dryer, getting it back to work faster.

Alternatively your own local electrician can repair the dryer for you. Our experienced Technical Support Team is on standby to answer any questions they may have during the process. If they do not wish to repair the dryer themselves, they can remove the dryer from the washroom and return to our factory, where our experts will carry out the repair.


A number of our products require the future purchase of consumables. These include our state-of-the-art Hagleitner dispensers, which require soap, disinfectant, air freshener or paper refills dependent on use. The unit will indicate when it is using the reserve tank and the catridge needs replacing.

Filters for the Supreme Jet Dry Executive Hand Dryer must be replaced as per guidelines to ensure the warranty remains valid. A light on the dryer indicates when the change needs to be made, which is approximately every three months or 22,000 cycles.

The lifetime of the battery packs for the Supreme Flush are dependent on use, but generally last between 2-4 years.

Either contact the SPL office, or your local supplier, for consumables for these products.