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Revitalising Yarrow Stadium

  • Client

    Yarrow Stadium

  • Architect

    Minimal Design

  • Completion

    2025 Winter Sports Season

In the heart of Taranaki, nestled within the suburban embrace of Westown, lies Yarrow Stadium, a cherished hub for sports, culture, and community gatherings. However, recent years have presented challenges, with the stadium’s two grandstands facing closure due to seismic concerns. The need for revitalisation became undeniable, not just for structural safety but also to adapt to the changing landscape in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a resolute spirit and a $50 million budget, the ambitious redevelopment project was set into motion, buoyed by a significant contribution of $30 million from dedicated ratepayers. The remaining $20 million was secured through a timely governmental grant under the ‘shovel-ready’ economic stimulus initiative, breathing life into Yarrow Stadium’s renewal.


The journey toward rejuvenation began with meticulous planning and community engagement. Recognising the stadium’s significance beyond sports, the redevelopment aimed not only to meet seismic standards but also to enhance its versatility, ensuring its relevance in a post-pandemic era.

In 2019, amidst the backdrop of uncertainty, the project received the green light, albeit with necessary adaptations to navigate the pandemic’s challenges. The East Stand, deemed beyond repair, became the focal point of reconstruction efforts. Commencing in 2022, construction surged forward, propelled by the collective vision of a revitalised community asset.