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Te Ara Ātea

  • Client

    Te Ara Ātea

  • Architect

    Warren & Mahoney

  • Completion


Te Ara Ātea is a valuable asset to the Rolleston community, offering much more than a mere library – it stands as a prominent landmark. Created by Warren & Mahoney, the building is a contemporary and dramatic space that incorporates local cultural and historical stories into its design. The interplay of light and shadow, as well as the use of various textures and layers, produce a sensory experience that is both captivating and inspiring to all who enter.

Te Ara Ātea
Designed by Warren and Mahoney; the building a result of the strong partnership between council and Te Taumutu Rūnanga, who gifted the name Te Ara Ātea, meaning ‘unobstructed trail to the world and beyond.’

The multi-use development spanning over 22,000sqm is set to be the vibrant hub at the heart of Rolleston, offering a range of amenities including performance and community spaces, studios, workshops, exhibition areas, and a café. It promises to be a lively and dynamic center that caters to a diverse range of activities and interests.

Sam Broughton

Selwyn Mayor

“The unique and rich experiences contained in this space tell our collective stories – a marker of where we’ve been and our shared journey towards the future.”