Sensor Tap

Delta Tommy Tap sensor tap - SPL washrooms

Children’s touch free sensor tap for cold or pre-mixed water

  • Hygienic
    Clean and touch free, reducing the transmission of germs

  • Water efficient and reliable
    Ultimate performance and longevity- mains supply or long lasting battery operation

  • Basin mounted
    Easily installed where you want it, you choose the best location

  • Product Code: 

    DL2251D (Battery) DL2251A (Mains)

Tommy Tap Sensor Tap

SPL’s products are available throughout New Zealand and overseas.
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  • Saves Water

    Just the amount of water you need, reducing consumption - no running water wasted! (60 second timeout protection)

  • Low Battery Indicator

    Sensor will flash, indicating battery is low

  • Parts Available

    Further down their life, standardised parts availability enables quick and cost effective servicing and repairs


Facet Body / Finish
Powder coated brass

DC 6V (4 x AA) Battery or 240V AC

Water Pressure
0.5-6 bar (7-85 PSI)

Water Temperature
5-55 C (optional extra thermostatic mixing valve)

Dimensions – Faucet
170H x 140D x 68W mm

Dimensions – Control Box
110H x 110W x 80D mm

Diameter of inlet /outlet
DN15, G1/2″

12 months excludes battery

  • Facet Body / Finish

    Brass / Powder coated

  • Power

    DC 6V (4 x AA) Battery or 240V AC

  • Water Temp

    5-55 C (optional extra thermostatic mixing valve)

  • Suggested Applications

    Schools, early childhood centres, parent rooms, tourism and amusement parks


Do you require a pre-set water temperature?

We recommend installing the Supreme Duco Thermostatic Mixing Valve. This will ensure a constant flow of water temperature of your choice between 35ºC and 70ºC.

Supreme Duco Thermostatic Mixing Valve