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Air red banner

14 December 2018

Christchurch the Supreme City! 


The new Christchurch city center is leading the way in Architecture and Design.  Beneath the hive of construction and activity, a stylish and sophisticated riverside hub is taking shape.

SPL are proud to be involved in many of these new establishments and helping source the right hand dryer for the job, focusing on energy saving products to suit the aesthetics of the modern bathroom.

Take a stroll through downtown Christchurch the “Supreme City” and you’ll find Supreme Hand Dryers at The Justice Precinct, Restaurants and Bars, The Terraces, Westpac Bank, Hoyts Cinema and the Bus Exchange to name a few.

For expert advice phone SPL today on 0800 SUPREME (7877 363)

We want to take this opportunity to say Thank You and to wish you a safe and happy Christmas and all the best for 2019


ffuuss Hand Dryer in Original Sin restaurant Christchurch

ffuuss Hand Dryer     

Reliability meets Class and Innovation with the ffuuss Hand Dryer. The impressive  unique air-hug warm air distribution quickly ‘massages’ the hands dry.  Low energy, fast drying and HEPA filter with water collection tray. Read more

Supreme Jet Dry Executive II Hand Dryer


The Supreme JET DRY EXECUTIVE II  is an innovative air-blade style dryer.  Compared to similar Hand Dryers it is more hygenic due to its HEPA filter and water collection tray, catching excess water before it drops on the floor. Read more

Supreme Diamond Hand Dryer in Botanic Bar Christchurch


The Supreme Diamond has a unique anodised finish with Diamond cut edges, available in 3 colours: Titanium, Silver and Rose Gold. This high speed/low energy hand dryer operated with using only 300W to dry hands fast. Read more

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ffuuss for Auckland's Life Church

20 November 2018

After 17 years, Auckland’s Life Church Central Campus is on the move.  Construction of the new site is well underway and will be rather spectacular once it’s complete.

Complimenting the modern bathroom design is the latest ffuuss Hand Dryers which feature a unique air-hug drying sensation that ‘massages’ the hands dry fast. Read More