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4 July 2018

Black is Back – the latest in Hand Dryer trends


The All Blacks are back in force for another season….

Just like the All Blacks, black is the colour ingrained into our NZ culture.  

White has long been the go-to colour for hand dryers….and while white will never go out of style, there is an increase in the demand for black Hand Dryers. 

Black is contemporary and timeless and looks great anywhere.

We’ve got black hand dryers to suit all types of projects.  For expert advice, email

Whats Hot in SPL's Commercial Washroom Range?

ffuuss Hand Dryer

Reliability meets class and innovation with the ffuuss hand dryer, which features a unique air-hug distribution that ‘massages’ the hands dry fast.  The ffuuss is a clean and hygienic machine which incorporates a water collection tray to reduce water falling on the floor and a HEPA filter to prevent spread of bacteria and viruses. 

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Supreme Diamond Hand Dryer

The Supreme Diamond has a unique anodised finish with Diamond cut edges and comes in 3 metallic finishes: Titanium, Rose Gold and Silver.  It’s a high speed/low energy hand dryer that dries hands fast, using only 300W.  

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Supreme Aiforce Hand Dryer

The Supreme Airforce is high speed, energy efficient (1000W) machine that dries hands fast.  The antimicrobial coating and vandal resistant cover make it an excellent choice for any public washroom. 

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Supreme MasterAir Hand Dryer

The Supreme MasterAir is whisper quiet and perfect where low noise levels are a prerequisite.  The slimline design suits bathrooms where space is limited.

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In Other Exciting News...



Canoe Racing Training Centre

The new Canoe Racing Training Centre officially opened its doors last week at Lake Karapiro, Cambridge.  Some of Canoeing’s top athletes, including Lisa Carrington, were there to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter for the sport.  

The decision was made to move from Auckland to ‘The Town of Champions’ where athletes could utilise resources and facilities that are already established for both Rowing NZ and Cycling NZ, also based in Cambridge.

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