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Wanaka Recreation Centre installs ffuuss hand dryer
18 October 2017
Wanaka Recreation Centre installs ffuuss hand dryer

Wanaka Recreation Centre

The Wanaka Recreation Centre stands proudly surrounded by picturesque snow-covered mountains. The large multi-sport complex which opened in mid-2016 is home to an aquatic centre, indoor stadium and an outdoor artificial turf.

The recreation centre compliments the growing population in the region and has already become a thriving hub for community sports.  It’s also built to facilitate concerts, events and conferences.

The Wanaka Recreation Centre has made no compromise on the final touches and we think the matte black ffuuss and Aliseo Black Mambo look fantastic in their washrooms!

The ffuuss hand dryer is notably unique compared to similar models.  Rather than using a blade of air to strip water from the hands, the ffuuss uses many small pockets of warm air which massage the hands dry.  It’s a high speed/ low energy hand dryer, boasting a fast dry-time, a unique pre-heat system and using only 1100W.

The Aliseo Black Mambo hair dryer has a matte black finish with soft touch housing, a comfortable contoured handle and balanced weight distribution.

This stunning combination add a touch of elegance to the washroom and sure does impress! 

Click here to view the ffuuss hand dryer or the Black Mambo hair dryer or email for more information