Red Dryer

Red Dryer

Environmental Responsibilities

Here at SPL we understand the importance of protecting our unique environment, that’s why many of our products align with environmentally friendly protocols.

Reduce landfill and pollution

Over the course of its usage, a hand dryer will save over four tonnes of carbon dioxide which would otherwise be produced by the manufacturer of paper towels. While paper towels can be made from recycled paper, they can't be recycled after use and therefore paper towels must be transported to landfill. During the two to four weeks that paper towels take to break down, they produce methane, which is a greenhouse gas 23 times worse for the environment than carbon dioxide. However, the largest environmental impact of paper towels is in the production; producing one tonne of recycled paper towels produces 25kg of pollution in the air, and the process uses 183 gigajoules, the equivalent of leaving a 100w light bulb on for over 52 years.

Reduce energy consumption

We supply a range of energy efficient hand dryers. Modern technology featuring hand dryers that use less energy to run, coupled with a faster drying time, means switching to a high speed dryer can save up to 80% of energy consumption and running costs compared to a traditional hand dryer.

Save Water

Here at SPL we offer a full sensor tap range. Sensor taps not only eliminate the risk of taps being left on, but when running reduce water usage due to aerators in the tap nozzle. Installing sensor taps can help you save 75% or more water and energy, compared to conventional models. Also featured in our Classic Range are urinal water savers, designed to reduce water waste in urinals by allowing flushes only when needed, opposed to drip fed cistern which fail to take traffic into account.

SPL are committed to supplying sustainable solutions, helping New Zealand by finding environmentally friendly products that focus on low energy and high efficiency, to eliminate waste in the washroom. 


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