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Make in India - SPL partnership with Elan Hygiene Solutions
9 November 2016
Make in India - SPL partnership with Elan Hygiene Solutions

The “Make in India” initiative was launched by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in September 2014 and was devised to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub.

Importantly “Make in India” represents a complete change of government mindset.

A shift from issuing authority to one of minimum government, maximum governance.

Today India’s credibility is stronger than ever, there is visible momentum, energy and optimism.  The world’s largest democracy is well on its way to becoming the world’s most powerful economy.

In 2011 our Prime Minister, John Key launched the NZ/India strategy a plan for India to become a core Trade, Economic and Political partner for New Zealand.  A free trade agreement would be a crucial step toward achieving that goal. 

In March 2015, we at SPL set out to find a partner to manufacturer some of our products in India.  Last month we achieved the milestone of launching the “EHD101” hand dryer in India.

The first 250 machines have been made by “Elan” hygiene solutions in a new purpose-built factory in Chennai. 

So, the iconic New Zealand Supreme BA101 automatic hand dryer has had a re-birth as the “EHD101” for the Indian market.

This dryer fits perfectly with the guide lines of “Make in India” and is the first locally made Indian hand dryer. 

Our congratulations must go to Elansudar for the foresight and entrepreneurship in seeing the opportunity that “Make in India” brings and for launching “Elan” hygiene solutions.  

The partnership between SPL and Elan Hygiene Solutions will see a range of products developed over the coming years using SPL’s R&D and design and Elan’s manufacturing capability.