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Improving Indian Hygiene Focus of New Venture for SPL
29 August 2016
Improving Indian Hygiene Focus of New Venture for SPL

Improving sanitation in India is the aim of a recent partnership for SPL.

Originally a straightforward business opportunity to supply hand dryer parts to India-based company, Mrinalini Industries, the partnership has now evolved into a greater project to improve hygiene and sanitation alongside a government focus.

SPL Technical Director, John Stares, says the opportunity expanded when he became aware of the government push to improve sanitation and how important it would be to the Indian population.

“There is a big education process that needs to happen so people understand how to wash and dry their hands, because many have never used a hand dryer before,” he said.

Following a visit from Mrinalini Industries delegates in July, plans have been created to establish Elan Hygiene Solutions in Chennai, the capital of Indian state Tamil Nadu.

SPL will supply hand dryer components, along with electronic and assembly expertise from their Cambridge factory.

The hand dryers will be assembled in India using local labour, at a new factory. The creation of employment opportunities in the country is an extra bonus for the partnership.

As well as the hand dryers, public toilets and other sanitary resources will be installed, first into Chennai and before expanding into surrounding villages.

The hand dryer will be launcing in October to coincide with the Dussehra Festival, an important Hindu event.

The idea of international expansion has been brewing with Mr Stares for 20 years, but it wasn’t until partnering with Steve Gow from Cookham Moor Consulting, who has experience in India, did the idea move forward.

The pair will be travelling to India in November to attend the 13th Global SME Business Summit where they have been invited to speak and share their experiences.