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Can I install a hand dryer in my home bathroom?
28 September 2017
Can I install a hand dryer in my home bathroom?

Can I install a Hand Dryer in my home?

The short answer is absolutely yes!

Installing hand dryers in the domestic home is fast becoming a trend…

(meanwhile the germy ol’ hand towel is making its way to the back of the linen cupboard…)

Hand towels are probably one of the most unhygienic items found in the home.  They absorb moisture, faeces and other germs from the hands and become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Hand Dryer manufacturers are now developing models which are perfect for domestic bathrooms and small hospitality businesses.  

The Supreme Mini Jet is a safe and easy hand dryer for the whole family to use. It’s compact (half the size of an A4 piece of paper), quiet and extremely energy efficient, using only 900W to get the job done.

Get rid of the germy breeding ground in your home and install a hand dryer!

The Supreme Mini Jet is available in white or brushed chrome and the best thing about it is you can plug it straight into the wall (no need for hard wiring.) Email for more information