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Clean India
30 November 2016
Clean India

Swachh Bharat mission aims to make India “clean” by October 2019, being Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birthday Anniversary.

Prime Minister Modi said this goal will include the elimination of open defecation, which he called a blight on society especially for women and girls.

The big question is can Mr Modi’s “Clean India” campaign do what nearly 30-years of post-sanitation schemes have not been able to do?

The social and economic effects of poor sanitation and lack of good quality drinking water is staggering for India.  The Swachh Bharat mission aims to combat these in addition to the basic clean-up of the surrounding.

The public are encouraged to get involved in cleaning up their neighbourhood and then posting pictures of the before and after on social media.

From the SPL/Elan Hygiene Solutions perspective, if we can teach our young people to carry out basic hygiene like washing and drying hands after going to the toilet and before eating we will be on our way to generating a healthier, cleaner India.  Our mission at SPL is to help aid this education. 

Elan Hygiene Solutions has adopted the mantra of “Dry Hands are Safe Hands” when promoting their hand dryers. Dry Hands have 70,000 less germs than wet hands.  Using a warm air hand dryer is an effective way of ensuring your hands are completely dry. 

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