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Christchurch Adventure Park
14 March 2017
Christchurch Adventure Park

Christchurch Adventure Park - The Largest Bike Park in the Southern Hemisphere

Nestled in the tranquil Port Hills is the new ‘Christchurch Adventure Park’.  A thriving hub for adventure, pushing the limits and discovering New Zealand at its finest. 

The park boasts a massive 358 hectares of man and machine made bike trails through the hill slopes, with a 1.8km chair lift.  Throw in a Dual Zip line tour through the valley or walk tracks, and this place is truly an adventure. 

Christchurch Adventure Park showcases New Zealand’s Clean, Green image and offers superb facilities for New Zealanders and Tourists to enjoy.  

We called in the other day and had a coffee in the social hub of the park, “The Village Café & Bar”, which is surrounded by the picturesque views of the bike trails and the pine forest of the Port Hills.

There’s a row of toilets there, where we spotted the Stainless Steel Supreme MASTER AIR in each of the cubicles; a vandal resistant, durable, slimline, warm air Hand Dryer.  

We love finding our Hand Dryers installed in the coolest places in New Zealand!

We think the Supreme MASTER AIR is a perfect way to complete the superb finishing’s of Christchurch Adventure Park.

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