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Warkworth Historic Town Hall Re-opens
7 July 2017
Warkworth Historic Town Hall Re-opens

Standing proudly in Auckland’s suburb of Warkworth is the 105-year-old Town Hall.  

If the Town Hall could talk, it would tell us of the countless couples that have met on the dancefloor (some later marrying there), the wartime homecomings, fundraising events and more…

Over the years the landscape surrounding the Town Hall has changed and evolved, meanwhile the Town Hall stood patiently waiting for her turn for a makeover.  

The building is a historical asset to the town, but it had become unsafe for the public to enter the building.

The ‘Grand old Dame’ has recently had a two-and-a-half-year overhaul, and has now been reopened to the public.  

The renovation took careful consideration of applying technology and innovation, while also restoring some familiar original decals.

The Supreme AIRFORCE hand dryer has been installed in the Town Hall washrooms.  It’s a high speed, energy efficient hand dryer that dries hands fast.  In addition, the antimicrobial coating and vandal resistant cover make it an excellent choice for any public washroom.

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