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A match made in heaven
25 July 2018
A match made in heaven

We just love the Supreme Diamond Hand Dryer coupled with the Xibu Profi Matte Sensor Tap

Both touch-free bathroom solutions are incredibly environmentally friendly.  Not only that, but they look amazing together with matching Matte finish’s.

The Supreme Diamond Hand Dryer has an exceptionally low power consumption, using just 300W to dry hands fast, and its unique anodised finish is available in Silver, Titanium or Rose Gold. 

A Xibu Sensor Tap can save up to 75% water consumption per litre compared to a regular tap.  Sensor activated, it also prevents unused water being wasted down the drain. 

And the cherry on the top?...

Both sensor operated solutions are touch-free, reducing the spread of viruses and disease. 

This combo ticks all the boxes…Environmentally friendly, saves money and is incredibly good looking!

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Supreme Diamond Hand Dryer and Xibu Profi Matte Sensor Tap